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As an NHS clinician, how do I pick my first role in health tech?

As an NHS clinician interested in transitioning to health tech, you might be wondering which roles would be a good fit for you. You know some of your colleagues are now working for telehealth companies, treating patients over the phone or via the internet. The flexibility to treat patients from your home is appealing, but you feel that it's just old wine in a new bottle.

You are looking for something different; a role that goes beyond treating patients. You're eager to explore the various roles available within a health tech company. You've heard these roles offer shorter working hours, higher pay, and greater respect for your expertise. The question is, how do you decide which role to choose?

Whether all the benefits you've heard about working in health tech are true is a topic for another time. However, one approach to selecting your first role in health tech is to consider what additional skills you can bring to your existing clinical expertise.

Below are a few examples - you can find many other combinations in health tech.

The first role you pick in health tech will depend on your clinical specialty and seniority, the additional skills you have or want to develop, and the opportunities you get through your network. Pick the one that works best for you.

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