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After I add someone on LinkedIn, how do I keep the connection going ?

Remember the Marketing Manager from the health tech startup that you chatted with at the meet-up? You recall him being impressed when you mentioned where you work and what you do. After some chitchat, one of you mentioned you should connect on LinkedIn. You both took out your phones and connected on LinkedIn.

That was two months ago. Now you are looking at his profile, trying to think of something to say. But you can't figure out what to say. How do you keep your connection going?

A great way to keep a connection going is to help them with their goals. But first, you need to know what those goals are. So here is what you do

First, drop a short friendly message on LinkedIn as you are already connected. If you want a structure for the message, follow this simple 3 part structure

    • Friendly reminder: Start with friendly reference to where and when you met
    • Professional update: Provide a brief update about one project you are working on. Bonus points if its related to what you discussed when you met
    • Express interest: Conclude with a flexible invitation to reconnect
  • Here is an example
    Hi Mark,

    Hope you're doing great!

    Since the London Health Tech meet-up, I've been implementing an email marketing campaign for an innovative organ transplant device. I tried the customer segmentation tips from the conference and got mixed results.

    Would love to hear about your recent projects and catch up at your convenience!


Next, when you meet, ask questions and listen carefully, without interruption .

    • Ask them what they are working on
    • Follow up their answer with questions on
      • whether have they done this before
      • what makes it difficult
      • what would help them make progress

Finally, to keep the connection going, try to help them with their goals if you can. Or, at least, check in on their progress and offer encouragement.

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